Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Philadelphia Eagles Support Wind Energy

The Philadelphia Eagles announced Wednesday it will reimburse its employees living in the Philadelphia region and New Jersey who purchase wind energy, making it the first organization to pick up with this type of cost for employees. Eagles President Christina Lurie will present the football team's Go Green initiative during the 2007 NFL Business Summit to be held at the Marriott in Philadelphia.
"We hope to serve as an example for NFL Teams and the corporate sector," Lurie said. "The topic of greening in sports is especially important to cities like Philadelphia with professional teams and sports arenas. Game days have a huge environmental impact considering traffic, trash, energy and material consumption, and water use. They are also opportunities for educaton and awareness."
Lurie explained, if an employee purchases 300 KW of wind energy, it is the equivalent to planting 268 trees every year or not driving 3,600 miles. Considering the Eagles would get at least 100 employees to participate, that would equal 360,000 miles not driven or more than 26,800 trees planted.
For more information on Go Green, visit the NFL team online at and click on Go Green.

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